Why The Reformed Layman?

With so many Christian and Reformed blogs out there, why make another one?  And why “The Reformed Layman”?  Regarding the first question, because I have my story to tell.  I have long held to the Doctrines of Grace, but in the last 2 years I have really begun digging deeper into understanding what Reformed Theology really is and why it is important.  If I can help someone else as they go down the path of coming to a more solid theology then to God be the glory. The short story is that as I began to study the history of the Reformation I found what a blessing the Reformed confessions and catechisms are (meaning the London Baptist Confession of 1689, the Westminster Confession of Faith, The Westminster Catechisms, and the Three Forms of Unity).  I began to see how God deals with His people through glorious gracious covenants and how there is but one people of God.  I saw the unity of the message throughout Scripture of God saving people through His gracious covenant by grace alone through faith alone both in the Old and New Testaments.

Regarding the “Layman” part of the blog, I write because I am a layman and I speak average Joe language rather than technical theologian language.  This of course has its pros and cons as theologians use very precise and technical language for a reason and that is to accurately describe the principles in Scripture.  However, most people see that kind of language and it feels daunting.  Honestly it is daunting for me and I have to read theological works slowly and many times over.  I hope that I can portray the glorious truths of God our Father in language that makes sense for most of us, or when I use technical terms, that I can explain them in a way that average guys like me understand.  I also realize that since I am a layman without formal theological training, I need to be open to correction.  I hope to have a few checks and balances on myself in the way of seminary trained pastors/teachers who will check in on my writing from time to time to keep me from error.  If you see something that seems to be in error please let me know.

Finally as to the “Reformed” part I both want to continue reforming myself and to be part of reforming the church.  I see reformed churches and denominations growing where liberal and other churches are shrinking   My hope and prayer is that we are experiencing a Reformation 2.o.  I want to do what I can to further that.  However don’t mistake “always reforming” to be a search of new doctrine or innovation in theology.  It is quite the opposite.  Reforming is a return to Scripture and proper theology as  is seen through the historic creeds and reformed confessions.  That is not to say that the confessions are infallible but rather that we recognize the weight of those who have gone before us and dedicated their lives to working these doctrines out.  Reforming is also a conforming of our lives to Scripture.  It is moving the theology that we grasp in our heads over into our daily lives.  It is living out the Christian life that God has commanded us to do and enabled us to do by His grace.

So my prayer is that I will grow in my understanding of who God through the study of His Word and that my life, my actions, my attitudes will be transformed by His grace.   I pray also that as God works on me that He will use my life as a means of sanctification on all who read this.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Brandon Craig




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