Dear GOP it’s not you, it’s me. (a break up letter)

elephantDear Republican Party,

We can’t see each other anymore.  It just isn’t working and things are miserable for both of us.  It’s not you it’s me.   Sure you deserve your fair share of blame, but I take responsibility for dragging this out so long when it should have been over for us years ago.  We are just too different to stay together.  Our values are too different (that is if you still have any values at all).  We want completely different things and it is the end of the road for us.

As I said you deserve some of the blame here.  Those of us who are for limited government and personal liberty initially sought after you because you are the party who has historically claimed to value those things as well.  Sure we could see that you had lost your  way a bit but we thought surely we can bring you back to the principles that you were supposed to stand for.  So we had Ron Paul run for president.  He valued limited government.  He valued personal liberty.  He never once voted to increase the size of government or to increase taxes.  He was a man of principle who didn’t waiver or compromise his belief in small government.  The first time he ran he wasn’t so well known so we forgave you for that.  Heck I didn’t even understand him the first time.

When Ron Paul ran in 2012 he had gained a very vocal following.  We were tired of politicians who claimed to be for small government and yet were compromising in ways that furthered the expansion of the federal government.  Yet you made it loud and clear we were not wanted.  We were outsiders and a threat to business as usual.  The problem was that in reality you wanted to continue spending more money on government programs that the government has no business being a part of.  You wanted to continue to try to “bring democracy” to nations that didn’t want it and that you wanted to continue to meddle in civil wars and other places where neither side was the good guy.  You basically wanted to do the same things as the Democrats were doing only in a more moderate way.  So you blocked Ron Paul supporters from state conventions and shut him out of the Republican National Convention.  The message was as blatant as can be, “you people are not welcome here”.

Then when you nominated a moderate/liberal and found out that he was trailing Obama in all the polls you needed us back.  But you didn’t try to woo us in any way.  Rather you started laying on the guilt trip.  The motivation you tried to give us was that at least Romney wasn’t Obama.  But we knew.  We did not have short memories and we remembered how just a few weeks earlier you told us to get out and showed us the door.  So we refused to play the game hoping you would get the point that we act on principle and that we will not vote for someone who wishes to expand the federal government (even if they want to expand it more slowly than the Democrats).

The next part is where we went wrong.  The rest of the story is our fault.  We knew that this relationship was bad for us.  Many of us called it quits and were done for good.  Others of us thought we saw a hope for salvaging the relationship.  That hope for us was Rand Paul.  This time we thought “we have a guy who is still for liberty and limited government who knows how to play the game and gives us a shot at righting the ship”.  Rand was willing to court the establishment in order to gain a wider audience than Ron.  He was the guy who was going to take the liberty movement to the mainstream or so we believed.

Sadly it was a fool’s errand.  We made the classic error of thinking you would change.  We made the error of thinking that if we just give you more time and that if we just did all the right things that you would come around.  We should believed you back in 2012 when you made it clear that unless we were willing to compromise all of our core values that we weren’t welcome.   Of course you wouldn’t mind if we kept our small government rhetoric so long as when push comes to shove we were willing to back the GOP in whatever direction it went.

So this  year Donald Trump came along and lit a fire under Republican voters.  He tapped into many of the things people were frustrated about and made huge promises.  Those who paid attention saw that he was willing to say whatever it took to get people angry with the status quo and willing to get out and vote.  And it worked for him.   The problem is that his solutions are not limited government and personal liberty.  His solutions require an increase in the power of the presidency and federal government.  Of course he has made some grand promises along the way, many of which he is already backtracking on now that he is the presumptive nominee (including that now increased taxes on the middle class, raising the minimum wage, and using regular campaign donations are all on the table for him).

I have no doubt that the established GOP is not too thrilled with Trump but once again we are asked to come on board and hold our noses to support him since he at least is not Hillary.   Well this is the end for me and it is far too late coming.  Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.   We have wasted years thinking you can change and that we can change  you but it is time for us to break it off.

Where we are going from here many of us don’t know yet.  The Libertarian Party has its own set of issues although it is looking like the most viable option currently.  The Constitution Party lines up with many of our beliefs but it seems a little behind on the times.  Maybe a new party will be formed.  Whatever the case may be, whether we know who is right for us at this point or not, we know one thing and that is you are not the one.  I wish I could say it has been good times but honestly it has been nothing but frustration. Now that it is over though, I can say that it is a weight off of my chest.  From this point on there is no more “for the sake of the party” or “us vs. them (the Democrats)”.  At this point both of you are “them” and I am left figuring out exactly who is “us”.  However I do know that “us” is all who with conviction are for limited government.  It is all who understand that the government has no business meddling with personal liberty.  It is all who understand that if we are going to vote for someone, it will be someone who has a record of proving they are for limited government in their actions and not just in word only.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Brandon  Craig














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