Governor Fallin, you don’t get to wash your hands of this abortion bill

life-8-weeks-1439844For those who haven’t heard a bill was passed by the Oklahoma legislature that would essentially ban abortion.  Our state’s governor Mary Fallin claims to be one of the most pro life govenors in the country.  She vetoed the bill this week citing ambiguity in the clause that allows an exception for the life of the mother and citing that she did not believe it would hold up in the courts.

Sadly, Governor Fallin, the responsibility for the continuation of the murder of babies in the womb falls on you.  I read your response and your justification and it is sorely lacking on several accounts.  The first issue I have is that it is not your job to predetermine what the courts may do with a law. Your job is to help bring about laws that protect the rights of all people including the right to life of persons in the womb.  If such a law is to be  struck down do not do it yourself.  Do not be the one to stand in the way of protecting the rights of the unborn.  Rather be the one that did all you could to protect those God given rights.  If the courts strike down such a law then they have taken that sin on themselves, but by all means do not join them in such an atrocity.

Along with this is a complete lack of trust in God to be able to make such a law happen even if it meant Him miraculously changing the hearts of Supreme Court justices.  Governor Fallin claims to be a Christian.  As a Christian she should do what is right regarding protecting innocent life and leave what happens in the courts to God.  Even if it was only law for a short while there are persons in the womb whose lives would be spared by this bill for the time it was in force until the courts strike it down.  Even if only 1 life was saved it would be worth it.  How Governor Fallin justifies this I have no idea, but she cannot wash her hands of it and be done.

My hope and prayer is that Oklahomans will not forget this and that we will elect a governor in 2018 who will do all he can to protect the lives of those in the womb.   There is still a chance that this bill can be put into law if the Oklahoma legislature overrides the veto (this will either take a 2/3 vote or a 3/4 vote to override it depending on the circumstances).  My prayer is that the legislature will stand up to Governor Fallin’s cowardice act.

We have been sitting on the sidelines for far too long allowing abortion to continue.  The time has come to take bold moves to outlaw it.   We must do what is right and leave the results up to our Father in Heaven who Sovereignly is in control.  May our country repent of this wickedness and may we seek mercy from our righteous God who surely is judging our nation.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Brandon Craig


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