Breaking News: 3,000 Murdered and No One Is Reporting It.


In Orlando a tragic shooting occurred last weekend and it has dominated the news.  What was not reported on was the murder of 3,000 people the very next day here in the United States.  How could this go unreported?  The reason is that those 3,000 were all children in the womb who were legally murdered.  The same thing has happened every day since the horrific shooting in Orlando.  I am going to say this very clearly.  If you have posted more articles and social media statuses about the Orlando shooting in the last few days than you have posted about the tragedy of abortion in the last few years, your priorities are enormously out of order.  In case that wasn’t clear enough, if you are willing to post online about the tragedy of Orlando but are afraid to lift up your voice about the tragedy of abortion, you need to spend some time in prayer and get your priorities in order.

Allow me to pause to answer the inevitable first objection right away.  Someone if not many people will rush to tell me that I need to not use a tragedy to promote my soapbox issue.  My response is that we should not let a more unique tragedy be an excuse to ignore the tragedies that have happened every day since the shooting.  It is easy to to post online about the tragedy that is en vogue and popular in the media.  It is much harder to be one of the few voices about the mass murders that happen continually in our country.  It is easy in our culture to talk about standing up against prejudice against the homosexual community but it is hard to speak up against the prejudice against the unborn who have no voice for themselves.

A pastor in what I would consider a solid denomination has been posting several articles about mourning with the gay community and with those who lost loved ones in Orlando.  I have never seen that same pastor post about the tragedy of abortion.  This saddens my heart that he and many other Christians are willing to mourn for one group of people but not for the other.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I am not saying that we should not have been posting articles about the Orlando shooting or mourning with those who have lost loved ones.  We absolutely should be mourning with them and calling out the evil that caused the shooting.  The problem is when we ignore the other evil and refuse to love the weakest in our society who cannot stand up for themselves.

The fact that abortion continues in our country is a result of those who call themselves Christians refusing to speak up for the rights of the unborn.  The only reasons I can find that this is happening is that either these Christians are ignorant of the science that shows that a unique life is formed with unique DNA at conception and/or they are ignorant of what the Bible says regarding the life of a person in the womb, or they are too afraid of what people will say and think if they do speak up for the unborn.  Either way these children bear God’s image from the point of conception and it is our responsibility as followers of Christ to speak for the least of these.

My prayer is that we will have boldness as the body of Christ to speak with love for these children and stand up for their right to life.  My prayer is that we will stop seeing this as a minor issue or one that there is room for compromise on.  It is not a matter of personal preference or choice.  It is a matter of loving the least of these, the tiniest image bearers of the Creator of the universe.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Brandon Craig









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