The Ultimate Compilation of Free Resources for the Baptism Debate


The purpose of this post is to be a resource with all of the best free articles, podcasts, and videos on both the paedo (infant) and credo (believer’s only) baptism positions.  For the person who is just beginning to wade the waters of the baptism debate it can be overwhelming to try to understand each position and the arguments being made.  This will give you all of the info and arguments you need to fully understand both positions and to prayerfully figure out what you believe is the biblical position.  One of the most common things I have observed when people debate baptism is each side not understanding the other side and thus talking past each other.  I highly recommend going through these links even if you are already solidified in your position as it will help you understand the other side’s arguments as you have conversations with those who hold the opposing view.

The first 2 links come from the same website “Place for Truth”, one giving the case for credobaptism and the other giving the case for paedobaptism.  These articles while not short, give the most succinct argument for each position that I have found.  If your time is limited I highly suggest reading each of these.

The Case for Credobaptism by Sam Renihan

The Case for Paedobaptism by Brian Cosby

From this point forward I will section the paedo resources together and then the credo resources together.

  1. A Curriculum For Those Wrestling Through Covenant Theology And Infant Baptism (this is an in depth several part series by R. Scott Clark.  I highly recommend going through the whole thing and not just skipping to the baptism part as the argument rests on covenant theology.)
  2. A Better Case for Infant Baptism by William Shishko (from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church website.  This is a good one to read after one has already got a decent idea of the general arguments.  Later I will post the debate he did with James White)
  3.  An Introduction to Covenant Theology (This is a compilation of audio sermons put together by my friends over at Purely Presbyterian.  If you have more time for listening rather than reading this is a great resource)
  4. A Clear and Concise Case for Infant Baptism (another one from Purely Presbyterian for a very short read that does a great job giving the paedo argument.)
  5. Covenant Theology by Ligon Duncan (This is Dr. Duncan’s lecture series on covenant theology in written form.  I highly recommend going through this series whether you are paedo or not just to get a good grasp on what covenant theology is.  It is a more time consuming endeavor but well worth it).
  6. Covenant Theology by Ligon Duncan (in audio form on iTunes)   (This is the same as above but if you learn better from listening or if you just have more time to go through it in audio format this is a great resource!
  7. Paedobaptism And Jeremiah 31 The Children Are Not Excluded (The purpose of this article is that at some point in studying the credo position Jeremiah 31 will come up and they will use Jeremiah 31 to say that only the regenerate are in the New Covenant.  This is a response to that).
  8. Jeremiah 31: The New Covenant (This is another article addressing Jeremiah 31 from a paedo position
  9. Infant Baptism, Continuity of the Covenants, and Galatians 3  (This is a short article looking at how the New Covenant and the Abrahamic covenant are both administrations of the same Covenant of Grace)
  10. A Simple Argument for Infant Baptism from the Great Commission (a look at the only place in all of Scripture where we are commanded to baptize people.

And now for 3 debates which I will call the neutral section (depending on who you thought won the debate)
1.  The Baptism Debate James White vs Gregg Strawbridge
2.  The Baptism Debate between James White and Bill Shishko\
3.  What’s the Difference? Michael Horton v Jeffrey Johnson (Covenant Theology) (a debate on covenant theology which is               essential to the debate on baptism)
4.  Episode 96: The One Where Les Becomes a Presbyterian (This is from my good friends Les and Tanner on the Reformed             Pubcast where Les gives the paedo argument and Tanner gives the credo argument.  Tanner has since also affirmed the                 Presbyterian position.)


To wrap up we have the credo position

  1. 1689 Federalism (This website has multiple videos and articles for the credo position.  I would highly recommend watching the introduction video and then clicking the videos tab and watching each of the videos on there.)
  2. WHY I AM A CREDOBAPTIST by JustinTaylor (This is from The Gospel Coalition and gives a thorough yet concise argument for the credobaptist position)
  3. Why I Am Not Paedobaptist by Tim Challies (another concise argument against paedobaptism)
  4. No Proof of Paedobaptism (This is one of many articles on the Confessing Baptist Website regarding the credo position.  Here they argue that the New Covenant is only made up of the elect).
  5. Interview #83 – Douglas Van Dorn – Covenant Theology: A Reformed Baptist Primer [Audio Podcast] (this is a great interview with Doug Van Dorn on his book on Covenant Theology from the Baptist position.  His book is definitely worth getting.
  6. “From Circumcision to Baptism: A Baptist Covenantal Rejoinder to John Calvin” by Greg Welty  (here is a response to Calvin’s argument for paedobaptism)
  7.   Pascal Denault on the Covenant Theology of the 1689 Baptist Confession (RB Seminary) (This is a multi-part video series on the Baptist Covenant Theology position from Pascal Denault
  8. Augustine on the New Covenant by Brandon Adams (here Brandon Adams works through Abraham and the New Covenant from at 1689 Federalist Baptist perspective)
  9. The Confessing Baptist on Baptism (this is an assortment of articles, books, and videos from the Confessing Baptist on baptism from a credo perspective.


My hope is that this becomes a resource for all those who wish to learn about both sides of the debate and for those who wish to be able to engage the other side more charitably.  Debating baptism can be fruitless if we don’t understand each other’s position.  Finally I just want to admonish all that this is not an “us vs. them” issue.  This is a discussion among brothers about how to follow Christ biblically.  We are not enemies but rather joint heirs in the kingdom of God, fellow members of the body of Christ.  Let it never be that we become noisy gongs but rather let us pursue our Lord with grace and love.


If you enjoy the work I do on here please consider giving to my next project a pro-life website that will be a comprehensive resource for defending the pro-life position.

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